Vehicle Purchase Program

What is VPP?

The Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program gives Nissan employees and their family, friends and participating business partners the opportunity to buy new Nissan or Infiniti vehicles at pre-negotiated pricing on most new models.


  • The VPP program enables Nissan employee family members, friends and select business associates/suppliers to purchase new Nissan or Infiniti vehicles at a pre-negotiated pricing.
  • The VPP program provides a "No-Haggle" purchase experience.
  • All NMAC lease specials, and APRs are still applicable.
  • Nissan has one of the most competitive VPP programs in the entire auto industry.

How it works

For extended family, friends, business associates & dealership employees (c,d & e plans)

Click here for Nissan & Affiliate Company Employees - A/B Plans

Just follow these simple steps to obtaining your VPP Claim ID.

  • Click Get Your VPP Claim ID in the link above.
  • Select Business Associates under the Get Your VPP Claim ID.
  • Enter your VPP company code. (Dealerships enter their dealer code as the VPP company code).
  • Confirm your company name and click on the company name link.
  • You will receive a Claim ID number. You will need to print this Claim Certificate or write down the Claim ID number.
  • Please click on "Contact Us" and send an email or call us at (888) 810-7045 if you have any questions regarding the VPP transaction. NOTE: The VPP program is an optional dealer participation program. If a dealer has a low inventory level on a particular model, they may potentially not honor a VPP deal.

Please follow these steps to ensure a fast & simple VPP transaction at the dealership:

  • Once you or your spouse arrive at the dealership, identify yourself as a Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program participant.
  • Present the salesperson with your VPP Claim Certificate or Claim ID number.
  • In order to verify your eligibility, you will need to provide Proof of Employment for the Eligible Company Employee to the salesperson. The following forms of Proof of Employment will be accepted and must include the eligible employee and company name:
    • Company Paycheck Stub ($ amounts may be marked through)
    • Company Business Card
    • Company Photo ID
  • After selecting your new vehicle, your salesperson will present you with a Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program Claim form. Please review and sign this form.